Tuesday, 8 October 2013

one very magical day.

It's now over two weeks since our wonderful, Disneyland-inspired wedding. All of the loose ends are finally being tied up - dresses and mementos are being safely preserved in special boxes, thank you cards are in the works, and we're steadily working our way through the left over cheese and wine! However, more exciting than any of that is the arrival of our wedding photos. Whilst we're still waiting for the bulk of our photos from our friend Chloe Lee who covered the whole day, this weekend we received the photos from our second shooter, Emma Griffin. Emma was incredible; when our original second shooter cancelled the month before the wedding, Megan was a bit frantic, however Emma gave us a great price to cover a few hours in the afternoon, and completely understood our style. We just love the little moments and details she captured!

I'd worked with Emma on a fantasy portrait shoot earlier in the summer, so I knew we were in safe hands! In particular I love the photos she captured of my bridesmaids and I, especially the shot of my maid of honour handing me our wedding rings from our little macaron shaped ring box during the ceremony. I really can't express what a wonderful day it was. I was a bit of a perfectionist when it came to planning, fretting over every last detail, but in the end it all came together beautifully, and I was too happy and swept away by it all to worry about whether ribbons were evenly spaced and cushions artfully arranged! Since we catered the day ourselves, food became a bit of a saga, however in the end our posh picnic buffet (complete with a selection of fresh local seafood) and colourful cake table went down a treat. We sipped watermelon mojitos, filled up on hot doughnuts from a gorgeous retro van, and danced to early naughties pop punk until our feet were bruised.

We are very lucky to have had two unique, contrasting perspectives of our wedding day. Amongst all of the delightful chaos, Emma did such a great job of capturing all the tiny details and moments that made the day such a wonderful event. On the morning  of the wedding - as I was not permitted to see my bride until the ceremony - I was confined to a holiday let whilst everyone put the finishing touches to the marquee and ceremony area. When my groomsmen eventually joined me to suit up, we really started to relax, confident that it was going to be the best day ever - and it was! Everything we had worked so hard towards suddenly came to life, and after a very emotional ceremony and photo shoot on the beach with our other photographer (Chloe) we ate, drank and danced our way into the evening. A truly incredible day for us both! 

until next time!


  1. This is the perfect wedding! I love all the dresses, colors + decorations!! xoxo

  2. It really does look magical! Congratulations! xo

  3. This is absolute beautiful. The pictures are stunning, you chose your photographer well :-)


  4. Looks like a beautiful dream!

  5. Your wedding just looks like such a dream, everything looks so perfect! These pictures are so stunning too! x


  6. Megan you look beyond stunning & the day looked magical, congrats to you both!

  7. These photos are so beautiful and you look so happy!

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  8. Ohh what beautiful photos! I was waiting to see what your bridesmaids were wearing! And I love the ice cream trike! How cute!

    xox Sammi

  9. Such a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple! My heart sings everytime I see a glimpse of your wedding photos on my social media feeds, Megan! x

  10. God your wedding looked like the most amazing thing! & I think you win coolest wedding hands down after I read the phrase "early naughties pop punk". I have such a soft spot for that particular type of music too. Oohhh :) This post is way too lovely! Super congratulations :D X Annika

  11. What wonderful photos. As everything is beautiful, harmonious and you are simply magnificent. I very much liked details and accents which you placed, Megan. I wish you happiness! xx

  12. Stunning photos, sounds like such a wonderful ceremony :D


  13. Your hair is just insanely gorgeous! You look like Emily from the Corpse Bride, in the best possible way :)



  14. How cute it was, I would love to have a ceremony like this It's amazing!!